Why Badamli?
Mineral water originating from an underground source at a height of 1274 mt.
in Badamli settlement of Shahbuz promises health. 
Packaging at source
Passes through a 5-stage filtration system
Maximum purity
A pearl purity is achieved by maintaining the mineral content of the water.
Quality certificate
Badamli has ISO-22000:2018 certificate that meets international standards.
New Premium Badamlı
Historical mineral water in a newly designed premium packaging
Natural mineral water source
How much water should we drink?
Calculate you daily water need using Badamli calculator
Daily activity
Learn your daily water needs
2.5 Litr
0.5 L x 5
Health benefits of natural water
How much water should children consume during the day?

The amount of water that each age group should consume is different. Because the development processes of each age group are different from each other. For this reason, we investigated how much water certain age groups should consume during the day.

Benefits of drinking water for the skin

Water is one of the main materials of our body. At the same time, water, which is the source of life, has many health benefits. There is an amount of water that every person should consume daily. Water consumption below this amount causes health problems

Important points to consider when ordering water

Mineral water has a much better effect on human health and the body. When ordering mineral water, it is recommended to look at the mineral composition and source of water.

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