Since 1947

By its name and taste

Mineral springs of Badamli village located in Shahbuz appeared as a result of an earthquake in the late 19th century. In 1947, a small production area was established and the first manual water production was started.

The miraculous Badamli water is extracted at a height of 1274 meters above sea level. Natural mineral water, which is rich in mineral content for human health and meets national and international standards, has been decorating the tables 75 years.
Purity and quality
pH value
83 mq/l
45 mq/l
1274 m
sea level

First mineral table water brand of Azerbaijan

Since 1947


The discovery and worldwide promotion of Badamli is associated with the name of Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy Aziz Asgarov. In 1945-1947, “Badamli” mineral spring was discovered as a result of scientific research carried out under his guidance in Badamli settlement of Shahbuz. 

Thus, mineral water was first bottled in Azerbaijan in 1947.

While traveling along a certain route, I wanted to give water to the donkey carrying some supplies to do research near a fountain. I saw that the animal did not drink water. The water had a different taste. I went up along the fountain and found its source.
I figured out from the sample that this was a valuable spring. Laboratory tests also confirmed this. I was so happy.  

Doctor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy 
Aziz Asgarov

Rashid Behbudov “Badamlı”  

The song “Badamli” performed by our genius artist Rashid Behbudov has been in the limelight since 1960.  

Badamli, cool
Badamli, sweet
Badamli, tasty
Badamli, famous
Cure for troubles,
Where else can you get such water?  

Development of the settlement

As Badamli plant, located at the source of the mineral spring, expanded its activities, the number of people living in the settlement increased, and the residents built new houses. During 1961-1967, 6 residential buildings were built for the employees of the enterprise. 

In the 70s of the last century, the overall production of “Badamli” also increased within the measures taken during the first governance of National Leader Heydar Aliyev in Azerbaijan.

Soviet Period 

The fame of Badamli spread rapidly throughout the Soviet Union from the day of its production. In 1970-1980, 90% of the products manufactured in Badamli plant were exported to foreign countries.  

Badamli water, which has been loved by people of all ages since 1947, is one of the most popular products in the water market of Azerbaijan today. 


Due to the growing demand for mineral water, a new plant was built in Badamli settlement with a total area of 10590 m2 in 2009. The plant contains a raw material storage, production area and warehouses for finished products. 

Equipment produced by the Frenh company “Sidel” is installed in the plant for bottling mineral water. 


Early in 2020, a new production building of Badamli was commissioned. The daily production capacity of the existing production facility is 500.000 bottles. 

Badamli natural mineral water has been decorating the tables for more than 70 years.

Production  Process


Badamli mineral water was bottled in 14 types, being carbonated and still, until 2021. New 330 ml and 750 ml Premium Badamli glass bottles and 15 liter glass cans have already been added to them.

The total mineral content of carbonated water is 400-500 mg/liter. This is such a value that meets a significant part of a person`s daily mineral needs. It does not create an excess of minerals in the body due to long-term use, and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The pH value varies between 6.5 and 7.5.

Quality control in the laboratory 

Quality control of all kinds of water we produce is carried out in the laboratory supplied with the equipment imported from Europe.     

Müasir texnologiyalı istehsalat prosesi

Badamlı şirkəti istehsal prosesinin bütün mərhələlərində ən son texnologiyalardan istifadə edir.


The production process of Badamli plant is organized in accordance with the requirements of ISO Quality Management System and food safety. The enterprise fully meets international standards.   

Certificate of Hygiene ISO 22000 : 2018 Food Safety Management System Uyğunluq Sertifikatı Uyğunluq Sertifikatı
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